Public announcement on peaceful protest

Written by PBO Act 2013 on .

The Public Benefits Organizations (PBO) Act No. 18 of 2013 purpose was to bring checks and balance in the non-governmental sector; a move that has been welcome by the non-governmental (NGO) world. The PBO Act 2013 is aimed at increasing coordination regulation, accountability and transparency in the sector.

However, the Miscellaneous Amendment Bill 2013 published on October 2013 contradicts the PBO Act 2013 and Government declaration to support the sector which has played a crucial role in development.

The following has been inserted in the Miscellaneous Amendment Bill 2013:

Article 27A. (1) Any funding of a public benefits organization shall be made through the federation and not by any individual member organization (2) A public organization shall not receive more than 15% of its total funding from external donors.

The Civil Society Reference Group invites all CSO, NGOs, CBOs and general public to;-

  1. County and national peaceful Protest Day to be held (Thursday) November 21, 2013. In Nairobi, Civil Society organizations and Kenyans will converge at the Tom Mboya Monument from 9am to 5pm for public education, petition signing and proceed to deliver the petitions to National Assembly at 1pm. Dress code will be red top, black down & white bandana.)
  2. The National & County prayer and fasting day will be also be observed on (Wednesday) November 27, 2013 led by Religious institutions.

Public Notice on the Public Benefit Organisations Act 2013

Written by PBO Act 2013 on .

Released on 15th May 2013

Following the gazzetment of the Public Benefit Organizations Act 2013 (PBO Act 2013), on 14th January 2013, the NGOs Co-ordination Board and the Civil Society Organizations Reference Group would like to clarify the following matters to civil society organizations and the public at large: