Lack Of Public Sewer In Mariakani

We are residents of Mariakani town. We have noticed for quite a long time, Mariakani located in Kilifi County has a high water-table issue which causes water to flow to public land. We tried to solve the issue by creating soak-pits unfortunately no success. The ground water is mixed with waste water due to high water-table issue and has lead for resident transfer used water to the soak pits which already contains the ground water.

The problem have been addressed to County Government Officials and Environmental Officers both are aware of Mariakani high water-table misfortune.

We stayed there for almost 30 years this issue hasn't been solved, since the installment of the new constitution we are being pressured by Kilifi county government environmental officers on water flowing from our premises are streaming to public land.

We severely searched for the solution for the misfortune, fortunately we discovered that only permanent solution for misfortune is an installment of public sewer. The attached files are images revealing the solution.

We discussed with our fellow residents and agreed this will be indeed the permanent solution. We need your help to recommend the county government of Kilifi to construct such public sewer known as state scheme in water act 2002. If we need an organization which will assemble signatures as an agreement of residents and forward them to the Governor, please advise? Thank you.
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